Solving your manufacturing challenges with cutting edge technologies.

R&3D Technologies team of engineers utilizes a combination of experience and knowledge to solve the complex challenges of process automation. With this perfect synergy we are able to implement cutting edge technologies into any manufacturing operation.

Through our customer driven approach, our goal is to guide you through every step of incorporating automation into your processes. We deliver turn key robotic cells or custom automation systems to meet your stringent requirements.

We can help you keep up with increasing costs of production.

Benefits of Robotic Automation:

Reduce Labor Costs

Lower Manufacturing Costs

Improve Quality

Fast Implementation

Consistent and Reliable

Decreased Cycle Time

Maximize floor space

Limit Off-Shoring

Flexible and reusable

Easily reconfigured

Remain Competitive

Unlimited Applications:

Integrated Machine Vision

2D Guidance Package:

Accurate Part Location

Locates parts x, y, and rotation

Removes costly positioning fixtures

Easy change over adaptation



Robot controller integrated camera

Perfect for real time inspection

Wide Robot Selection

Up to 1350kg Payload

Up to 5 Meter Reach

Up to 6 Axis  of Motion

High Payload Collaborative Robots

See Complete Robot List Here

R&3D Process

1. Define project and goals

2. Design, Virtual simulation, layout of system and integration

3. Robot, product and peripheral selection

4. Integrate peripherals with robots

5. Design & build end of arm tools, frame and custom fixtures

6. Programming

7. Performance verification and validation

8. Installation of fully automated system in your facility

9. Confirmation of functionality and operability

10. R&3D's continued support and partnership in productivity

CONTACT US to visit our facility and see our demonstration robots. We are happy to setup a custom demonstration or a proof of concept taylored to your application. 

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